Carlson ProCare Therapy
Carlson ProCare Therapy


Merging Skilled Therapy and Individualized Care

We Make Physical Therapy a More Thoughtful, Focused Experience

Whether you’re an elite athlete, a stay-at-home parent or simply enjoy an active lifestyle, injuries are a part of our everyday lives. Our bodies are mere machines and without the proper maintenance and repair, they can stop working properly. It’s important that we give our bodies and minds the kind of professional care that not only improves our physical health but gives us the confidence to keep going.


That’s why we at Carlson ProCare are focused on providing premier individualized care by combining education and experience with a more thoughtful, human-centric approach. You do not have to go through your pain alone; in fact, it’s important that you don’t. If we’ve learned anything over the last 35 years of experience within professional physical therapy services, it’s that physical therapy is not a one-type-fits-all operation. Everyone deserves personalized care that fits their needs, comfort level, and long-term goals and we are dedicated to delivering that, which is what truly separates us from other caregivers.

Carlson ProCare Therapy

Rick Carlson PT was dealing with the challenges running the rehab center at Danbury Hospital when he realized that it is nearly impossible to build quality care facilities and support for therapists when decision makers were businessmen and women not therapists.

In 1983? he began his own practice in Ridgefield CT with the support of a prominent orthopedic surgeon at the time, Chrisopher Cassels. The practice flourished immediately while taking numerous post graduate courses to hone in on his manual techniques. One of his mentors was the prominent physical therapist Stanley Paris. In a short time , he became certified in the Paris approach evaluating and treating orthopedic clients. Soon he was a teaching assistant for Paris and that’s where he met Mark Dufresne PT. It was clear immediately the two were in complete alignment in constantly working on their manual craft and making rehab individualized and not protocol and volume related

Optimizing True Health and Wellness

We’ve learned that wellness is more than just getting your back feeling better or keeping those knees strong; it’s about how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. We realize that sometimes it is not just your physical injuries that are stopping you from living your life to the fullest. That’s why we’re continually specializing our care and branching out into other wellness services to create a full mind and body therapy experience.

We want you to be supported by a team that not only provides you with more optimized and personal care, but helps you reach your milestones, keeps you accountable, and cares about how you feel today as well as how you’ll feel tomorrow. We want our team to provide you with the best experience possible, so you can be at your best no matter what your future plans may be.

After they had dinner together one night , on a napkin they developed one the first business plans to expand the business plan to put quality therapists in charge of physical therapy and implementation not by tech aides. On another napkin ,Rick thought of changing the medical model for physical therapy approach of referrals as one of patient driven not by cozy relationships with referral sources. The practice built on quality not quantity..Rick encouraged Mark to study manual therapy and became obsessed with studying new techniques and honing his craft even to this day. Soon Mark had his own peer and patient following which attracted some impressive talent clinicians and they began growing the practice together faster than anticipated, The next milestone was in 1990? with coming alignment with Greig Picking PT and Kevin Rafferty PT of Procare. These therapists came with strong backgrounds in sports medicine and orthopedic rehab on the other side of state. Procare had similar philosophies and began an alliance over the last 20 years expanding the practice.

We are now excited to announce our new chapter bringing these two new brands together under one name CARLSON PROCARE.

Carlson ProCare Team
Specialized Care and Personalized Treatments

At Carlson ProCare we’re taking a different approach to physical therapy because we know how stressful and challenging it can be to deal with insurance companies, “shake and bake” care, and therapy that really isn’t providing you with the short- or long-term support you need to feel better inside and out.

We’re creating customizable wellness plans that support your lifestyle and reinforcing those goals with one-on-one care led by skilled therapists who understand you and your long-term goals.

At Carlson ProCare, we are here to help you reach your milestones, whatever they may be and wholeheartedly cheer you on from the sidelines. We have every confidence that you can get to where you want to be; we’re simply here to break down the walls and unlock the doors that are standing in your way.