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Meet Our Bethel Therapists

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Andrea Myers, PT, DPT

Why did you decide to become a physical therapist?

  • My Bachelor’s degree is in molecular and cellular biology. I originally planned on getting my PhD and doing research. After a summer internship after my freshman year of college, I realized that the research path wasn’t for me. I wanted to help people more directly than working in a lab would allow. I thought that physical therapy sounded like a good fit for me. I fell in love with the profession after doing some observation hours at a clinic near my hometown in Moline, IL. The therapists were incredibly talented and created such a welcoming and fun atmosphere for their patients. That clinic really set the bar for the way I want to practice as a physical therapist.

How long have you been practicing?

  • 14 years

What do you like to do for exercise?

  • I am a lifelong runner and a former professional road cyclist. I love to run, bike, and do strength work. My big goal for 2020 is to improve my time in the half marathon (current PR 1:30:24).

What’s your favorite (physical therapy) quote and why?

  • “Exercise is the drug of choice.” We are so fortunate to be able to help people with their pain, without drugs or surgery. Exercise is free and has few side effects, which makes it the perfect “drug” to treat a person’s pain.

What’s the best part of working at Carlson ProCare?

  • I get to work with the smartest, most experienced physical therapists around. We all learn from each other and make each other better therapists. We have the best office staff, who make our jobs easier and let us focus on what we do best – helping our patients get out of pain and back to their normal lives. We all have a lot of fun together and I am very thankful to be part of such a great team!
Missy Bohn, MSPT, DPT

Why did you decide to become a physical therapist?

  • I was an active kid, always running around with my big brother and dad, and played high school and college sports. I have always been interested in the body and how it works, as well as fitness and the factors contributing to optimal performance. In my junior year of college, I suffered an ACL injury while playing lacrosse and had reconstructive surgery. My physical therapy and recovery after that injury piqued my interest in the field. As I was already a mathematics major, I did not have time to switch my major so I graduated and took my first job at an engineering company. It was a year later that I decided to take a night class in human anatomy to see if a change of career into physical therapy would suit me. I loved the class and was hooked on the human body, musculoskeletal system, and how it all worked! So, I went back to school and I’m so glad I did.

How long have you been practicing?

  • My physical therapy career was paused while I put my heart and soul into being a full-time mom. I have been back 1 year.

What do you do for exercise?

  • I played intercollegiate field hockey and lacrosse back in my college days, as well as tennis and squash recreationally. Today, I still play some tennis, I golf with my husband and boys, and I enjoy walking/jogging with my dog or hiking when I have the opportunity. I also snow ski in the winter. 

What is your favorite (physical therapy) quote, and why?

  • I like the neuroplasticity principle “use it or lose it.” A sedentary lifestyle is a killer… literally! We need to constantly be fighting to hold onto our mobility, balance, and strength as we age. But people should not despair if they have gotten out of shape or had an injury, because another principle is “use it to improve it.” The key is to use it! I also like the Proverb: “A merry heart does good like a medicine.” It’s important to laugh and have joy in your heart. Even if you are injured, a good attitude goes a long way to healing!

What’s the best part about working at Carlson ProCare?

  • Well, to pivot off my last point, Carlson ProCare is a happy place to work. The therapists are all upbeat and great therapists as well as personal coaches/cheerleaders to their patients. We have a lot of fun in the gym. On a more serious note, my co-workers are incredibly knowledgeable and committed to providing top-notch physical therapy treatments to their patients. I learn a lot form them and am in a place where I can grow as a therapist. 
Andrew Chin, PT, DPT

Why did you decide to become a physical therapist?

  • I took the roundabout way to physical therapy as it is in fact my second career. My earliest exposure to rehab was as a young athlete enduring many injuries throughout my adolescence. After graduating college and working in politics, mostly behind a desk, I was eager for a better way to help people. A few months of soul searching including a stint helping the homeless in a homeless shelter later, I connected with a cousin who had started her career in PT and realized my calling. I started PT school as soon as I could and I haven’t looked back.

How long have you been practicing?

  • 3 years

What do you like to do for exercise?

  • Most of my youth was spent playing sports including all sorts of ball sports. By my teenage years I was an endurance athlete and I was varsity in running and swimming, then swam for Wesleyan University my freshman year in college. Since then I am an enthusiastic weekend warrior; I still run, occasionally swim when I have access to a pool, weight training, and chase around my kids.

What’s your favorite (physical therapy) quote and why?

  • My patients hear it all of the time! “Motion is Lotion.” To me it strikes at the core of what we do; we get our patients moving to help them feel better.

What’s the best part of working at Carlson ProCare?

  • They keep me caffeinated! Kidding! Honestly, when I came out of PT school I was looking for mentorship. I knew enough to get started, but there is so much to learn in this field. Mark and Anthony have 50 full years of experience between them and are amazing mentors. When Andrea came in she was new to Carlson ProCare, but has become another great therapist to learn from. On top of that the whole philosophy here fits what I think therapy should be; I get to know my patients as I work with them 1 on 1 for 30 full minutes instead of 10 minutes then send patients off to exercise with an assistant. I think this model best allows me to find out what they need, what their goals are, and how best to meet those goals.
Anthony Peburn, PT

Why did you decide to become a physical therapist?

  • I always played sports as a child. My favorites were basketball, baseball, and football. I have also always been interested in how the human body works. It seemed like a natural fit. I loaded up on science classes in high school and trusted my gut. The University of Hartford offered me a nice scholarship and after touring their campus the rest is history. 

How long have you been a physical therapist?

  • It’s been several hours and 15 days. Plus or minus 21 years. 

What do you like to do for exercise?

  • Naturally, my three boys never took to the sports I played growing up, but I still am able to exercise with them regularly. My youngest is a very competitive soccer player so I train with him almost daily. I am still a terrible goalie, but am developing my left foot. I aspire to be as good a player as he is some day. My oldest and middle child have both gotten into weight lifting and running for overall strength and conditioning. Sometimes, they even listen to my advice. The rest of the time I am just a dumb dad who has no idea what I’m talking about despite my physical therapy background and passing the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist examination. So, the short answer is regular strength and conditioning and soccer. 

What is your favorite physical therapy quote?

  • “Movement is life, stagnation is death.” It may be a touch on the morbid side, but it explains how important movement is in rehab and daily function. Achieving your physical therapy goals always requires moving properly or better. 

What is the best part of working for Carlson ProCare?

  • As a manual therapist, Carlson ProCare is the only place my treatment style fits in. The way we look at orthopedic problems is very different than any other clinic. Each client is a unique puzzle and my job is to figure out what tightness, weakness, motor plans, habits, etc. are preventing functional progress. Carlson ProCare Therapy also gives me 30 minutes to work individually with each client. If I were to work in a typical physical therapy clinic handing out generic exercise protocols run by therapy aides and only work 5-10 min with each person hands-on, I probably would have gotten bored with the profession as a whole and burned out 10 years ago. Looking at people as a whole instead of individual body parts keeps the job interesting and makes me look forward to coming to work every day (minus every so often when I’d rather be at the beach).
Mark Dufresne, PT

Why did you become a physical therapist?

  • Truth! I was touring the University of New England when they explained how they will begin a new major next year in Physical Therapy. I was with my dad and asked him what PT was, his answer was, “ I have no idea, ask your mother”. I got home and my mother read the first paragraph from an encyclopedia describing profession physical therapy. I looked at my parents and said that’s! what I want to study. I never did any further research or even shadowed another therapist until I was on my first clinical! I went from staff PT, rotating in various disciplines in physical therapy at Danbury until I met teaching assistant Rick Carlson, PT, at Stanley Paris, DPT, mobilization course. Rick offered me a part-time job evenings after work, full-time job, associate, founder Bethel Carlson Therapy, manger and partner. If that isn’t divine intervention .

How long have you been practicing?

  • 36 years. Dinosaur. I played a key role in bringing Integrative Manual Therapy to the area. 

What do I do for exercise?

  • I cross train. I actually hate exercise but LOVE how I feel emotionally and physically afterwards. I trained with weights for years, various cardio machines, running and hiking. By the way, I bike some but that’s more to make Andrea feel better!

What’s your favorite physical therapy quote and why?

  • “Embrace The Suck” This is military slang but is so much in rehabilitation. “To consciously accept or appreciate something that is extremely unpleasant but inevitable for progression”. Working towards the patient’s Goal! It’s not the destination, it’s the journey!

What’s the best part of working at Carlson ProCare?

  • This is my second family! I am honored to work with the most passionate group of physical therapists. The thirst for knowledge and continued development of skill is unmatched. All the books lying around the gym and open dialogue of treatment makes us the best. Ego/sarcasm is left at the door except for Anthony! LOL. It is my privilege to guide and develop such a skilled group. I know when I retire I am leaving manual therapy in great hands.

To schedule an appointment for physical therapy, please call us at 203-778-0720.

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