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Peloton/Spin Bike Fitting

Peloton Spin Bike Fitting

Indoor cycling has been growing in popularity for a number of years. It has rapidly become more popular during the COVID-19 epidemic, due to the need for social distancing and the necessary closing of gyms and spin studios. One of the most popular brands of home spin bikes is the Peloton. Carlson ProCare Bethel is happy to have physical therapist and certified bike fitter, Andrea Myers, available for Peloton fits in our office.

If you are experiencing pain while riding your Peloton, it could be a sign that it is not set up correctly for your body. Common fit-related pains include knee pain, lower back pain, neck pain, hand or foot numbness, or saddle discomfort. Small adjustments to the position of the saddle, handlebars, or cleats can make a big difference in how you feel on the bike.

Potential bike fit-related causes of pain include:

  • Anterior knee pain
    • Saddle too low or forward
    • Cleat too far back
  • Low back pain
    • Saddle too high or back
    • Handlebar reach too long
    • Handlebar drop too great
  • Neck pain
    • Handlebars wrong size (width)
    • Reach too long
    • Drop too great
  • Foot pain or numbness
    • Improper cleat position
    • Saddle too high or low
    • Incorrect orthotics or shoe fit
  • Hand or finger numbness
    • Reach too long
    • Drop too great
  • Saddle sores
    • All of the above
    • Wrong size/shape saddle

Andrea is a former professional cyclist and a Bike Physical Therapy certified bike fitter who has over 7 years of fit experience. A bike fit with Andrea includes:

  • A full body physical therapy assessment
  • Adjustment of cycling cleats
  • Adjustment of saddle and handlebar position
  • Written measurements to take home and apply to your Peloton
  • Exercise recommendations for any issues identified in assessment

The cost of a Peloton fit is $200 for a 1 hour fit session.

Call our office at 203-778-0720 to schedule your Peloton fit appointment today!

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